J.M. (Union City)

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the results.  You removed 3 brown growths on my right temple several months ago. You can't tell they were ever there.  I was always a bit self conscious because they were very noticeable and sometimes people asked if it was cancer.  I'm glad I had …

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G.S. (Santa Clara)

As Dr. Ngoc Pham reminds me, I get far too much sun exposure for my skin's good.  Thank goodness, I have her knowledge and expertise as a wonderful provider of services for my skin care needs.  As Head of Dermatology at the KP -Santa Clara, Dr. Pham also makes herself available to patients at the …

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F.O. (Santa Clara)

I had some moles removed that were annoying to me - the person who worked on me did an excellent job.  I had no problems after the procedure and am very satisfied.   I would return again.

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