Nina Soule, RN

Nina Soule, RN

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Upon graduating from nursing school in Sacramento, I went into cardiac nursing for almost nine years.  I have specialized in aesthetic nursing for the last eight years.  In that time, I have worked with many well-known board-certified plastic surgeons and cosmetic medical industry professionals.

My experience includes many years with multiple cosmetic lasers (laser hair removal, Fraxel, VBEAM, IPL, YAG) sclerotherapy, injectables, chemical peels, skin lesion removal and Coolsculpting .  I also work closely with our Esthetician to provide a plan for the best medical grade skincare available to you.

My philosophy as an aesthetic nurse is to make you look as good as you feel!  It is absolutely my passion.  I love to work together with my patients to achieve their cosmetic goals.  I am a firm believer in the mind-body connection for all people of all ages.  There is no better feeling than do the smallest change in someone’s cosmetic health and see them blossom! 

I believe my calm approach puts my patients at ease and earns their trust.   I don’t want to help you achieve your goals only for today, I want to help you for life!

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