Maryrose Espil, RN, MSN, DNC

Maryrose Espil, RN, MSN, DNC

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About Me:

I have been a nurse for more than 25 years.  Currently, I am the Charge Nurse at Stockton Kaiser Permanente Dermatology and Cosmetic Dermatology.   I have enjoyed working in Cosmetic Dermatology and Dermatology for over 15 years.  I am passionate about fabulous skin care for all.  I have extensive experience in laser hair removal, laser tattoo removal, laser skin resurfacing, microdermabrasion, Intense Pulsed Light,  assisting with liposuction, and skin care regimens.

I hold a national certification in Dermatology for Registered Nurses and I work as an extended role RN at Stockton Kaiser Permanente Dermatology.  I care for patients with acne, keloids, alopecia areata, rosacea and other skin conditions.  I tailor skin care regimens for each person to their specific concerns, budget and time constraints.  I enjoy  the skin care journey with each person I see working together to achieve the outcome possible. 

Hobbies and Interests:

I love the outdoors, finding new recipes for my Instant Pot and traveling.  I camp anywhere from the mountains to the beach while relaxing and finding time to hike and enjoy nature. Some of my favorites places include Hawaii, Spain, Paris and Disneyland.  

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