Laser Vein Treatment

Spider and varicose veins can develop after childbirth or after taking certain medications, because of hormone changes, weight gain, or prolonged sitting or standing, or they may be an inherited family trait. Spider and varicose veins can be embarrassing—they make many people self-conscious about wearing sports clothes, shorts, or summer tops. And if you have spider veins on your face, even a good makeup concealer won’t always cover the veins completely.

Laser Vein Treatment
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Case: 1 of 3

Keep in mind that each patient is unique and your results may vary.

Different Veins Require Different Treatment

Spider veins are cherry red in color and usually appear on the legs, sometimes on the arms, and occasionally on the face. They are thin and thread-like, usually 1-2 mm in diameter, and generally appear in a linear pattern, a branch-like pattern, or a spider pattern. Spider veins on the face, legs, arms, or body can usually be treated with lasers.

On the recommendation of my Richmond Kaiser Permanente dermatologist, I went to Union City Kaiser Cosmetic Services for laser treatment of spider veins on my nose.  My provider was very knowledgeable about laser efficacy and probable results.  Her confidence made me feel very comfortable.  She successfully treated me in two visits and there was no attempt to up-sell me with additional treatments or different cosmetic services.  The price was reasonable for such services.  I will go back to her when I need my next maintenance “nose job.”

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Laser Treatment

Spider veins can be treated with lasers, especially on the face, where the veins are too small and too close to the skin’s surface to be effectively collapsed with sclerotherapy. Lasers destroy the targeted veins without damaging surrounding tissues. Laser treatments are performed on an outpatient basis and usually take from 15 minutes to an hour. You may require more than one treatment. Cold compresses are recommended to reduce swelling, the treated area may bruise for approximately a week, and discoloration may last for a few weeks. In darker skin types, there is the risk of permanent discoloration of the skin, so you should discuss this issue with your nurse or physician during your consultation. Although laser treatment does not prevent new veins from forming, it is a very effective treatment that usually produces few, if any, side effects.

What Should I Look for in a Laser Practitioner?

The treatment should be performed by a registered nurse (RN) or physician who’s trained to operate a laser. Different treatment choices must be made for each patient. Side effects such as skin discoloration can result if the laser is operated by an inexperienced practitioner. At Kaiser Permanente, we provide only laser trained RNs or physicians to deliver high-quality care to our patients.

I’m Interested! What’s My Next Step?

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