“Just wanted to say thank you to the wonderful fillers you gave me on Friday. If I do say so myself, I LOOK AMAZING!!!! My co-workers keep asking what I did because I look great! I look rested and less stressed. You Dr. Price are amazing and thank you.”

“Well Doc (Dr. Mark Price) you are now the Michelangelo of breasts and injectables, I am dumbfounded by the technique the results and the pain free fun I had. I gave you a 5 star survey result and said you were actually a 10. I am not a stranger to this this stuff either so I am not just blowing up your head. YOU ARE GOOD!!!!! please fix my breasts! I am hating the pain itching and hideous man breast look. Love you to the moon, Sara too.”

I wanted to tell you how pleased I am with the results.  You removed 3 brown growths on my right temple several months ago. You can’t tell they were ever there.  I was always a bit self conscious because they were very noticeable and sometimes people asked if it was cancer.  I’m glad I had the skin tags removed as well because they rubbed on my t-shirt.  I gave you an outstanding review on the survey.

In the past couple of years, I have noticed that one of sign of aging, is around my eyes. Not only did my eyelids droop over my eyelashes, but they also impaired my peripheral vision. The thought of having surgery around my eyes made me nervous. Dr. Gold reassured me that he would take excellent care of me and that I will be happy with the results. Since my surgery, I feel better about my overall appearance and enjoy wearing makeup again. Thank you, Dr. Gold, for your wonderful care, skills and talent.

I am a patient of Dr. Gold’s and I have had multiple surgeries both medical and cosmetic with him and his staff. Dr Gold’s clinic and hospital staff are always courteous and extremely helpful in all situations. My experiences with Dr. Gold have all been very satisfactory. Dr. Gold’s skill set and care is of the highest caliber and I would recommend him to anyone. They will never be disappointed. Whether it’s a reconstructive surgery or something new, I have faith in Dr. Gold to do the very best job and give the most excellent and comforting care afterwards in the recovery stages.

I have been seeing Jana Vever, Clinical Esthetician, for about a year and a half now and have been so happy with my results from working with her.  She is pleasant, efficient, gentle, helpful and very knowledgeable about products and procedures.  Everything that she has recommended for me to do, I have found to be perfect for me.

I started out with the Obagi® skin care products and have been using the retin-A cream with the Obagi® Blender and it has been very successful.  This was combined with microdermabrasion procedures on a monitored basis with Jana.  This has been very successful.  In the last few months, I have had about two of the Venture Chemical Peels from Jana.  These are wonderful.

I love working with Jana as she is very caring and concerned about me as a client.  I will continue to work with her in the future and refer my friends to her whether they are Kaiser Permanente members or not.

I would like to express my gratitude on behalf of Dr. Lisa Zaba for the outstanding care and results I have received from Restylane injections to conceal the dreadfully aging “tear track” circles under my eyes.  Often people would comment “you look so tired,” when I wasn’t!

I feel that Dr. Zaba is my personal “facial artist” with beautiful results that make me feel and look much younger without invasive surgical procedures.

Dr. Zaba takes the time to evaluate your individual needs and offer options that she feels will enhance your ultimate results.  She desires perfection for your cosmetic choices.

In my opinion, her level of patient care as a physician is exceptional.

I have been a patient of Dr. Eric Lin’s for about 6 years.  I have received 2 breast augmentations, the second to replace a rupture along with Botox® and Juvaderm®.  Dr. Lin has performed all of these procedures.

I have been to a few different plastic surgeons for fillers and Botox®.  Out of all the Dr.’s I have seen, Dr. Lin far surpasses them all.  He is excellent in all he does and I have been extremely happy with the results.  His character, manner, kindness and caring and impeccable talents are what I feel makes him a special doctor.

I no longer live in Sonoma County as I have relocated to Orange County.  I have not found a doctor in this mecca of plastic surgeons that can even come close to Dr. Lin’s gift and kindness and exquisite talent.  I highly recommend him and Kaiser Permanente Cosmetic Services.

As Dr. Ngoc Pham reminds me, I get far too much sun exposure for my skin’s good.  Thank goodness, I have her knowledge and expertise as a wonderful provider of services for my skin care needs.  As Head of Dermatology at the KP -Santa Clara, Dr. Pham also makes herself available to patients at the KP Cosmetic Services Dept. (San Jose).  Her friendly demeanor and professionalism make each visit as successful and pleasant as can be.  Her thorough exams frequently involve removal of both benign and pre-cancerous lesions and moles from my face, head and torso.  She always presents a variety of options, recommending those which are least invasive and most cost-effective.  Meeting my individual needs is always her top priority…she’s been great.  I heartily recommend Dr. Pham to anyone needing the best in skin care.

I had some moles removed that were annoying to me – the person who worked on me did an excellent job.  I had no problems after the procedure and am very satisfied.   I would return again.

I was very happy with the two Fraxel® treatments that I had with Deirdre Campbell.    The Fraxel® treatments I had several years ago, at another provider were more expensive and the results were not as dramatic.  Deirdre spends a lot of time with the patient and thoroughly explains the procedure and what to expect in great detail.  She also spent a lot of time prepping the skin with the numbing cream so the procedure was not as irritating.   The treatment itself took longer than other Fraxel® treatments I have had because Deirdre goes over more areas of the skin especially around the eye area.  The Fraxel® treatment at Kaiser Permanente is a very good value based on my experience with other Fraxel® treatments, and I was very happy with the results.  My most recent Fraxel® treatment was over five months ago, and my skin still looks more firm and lifted than it did before.

Dr. Salim was very knowledgeable and could provide answers to nearly all my questions. I have a very rare health condition and he could connect with the correct specialists in the KP network to ensure that every aspect of the procedure was done in the recommended way for patients with my diagnosis.  He is a very professional and understanding person, and makes you feel comfortable and can provide detailed information on the spot to help with any concerns or fears. I had a very high level of care both before and after my procedure and I would highly recommend Dr. Salim and the Kaiser Permanente staff in the Cosmetic Services department.

It has been a year and a half since my procedure and I am extraordinarily pleased with my results. My quality of life has improved dramatically and I feel so much better about myself. I can do things and participate in events that I could not or would not do prior to my procedure. This was life changing for me.

Last Spring I had an abdominoplasty surgery with Dr. Ali Salim to correct the distortion to both skin and muscles after pregnancy. I felt very confident in Dr. Salim’s competence and expertise. He answered all my questions patiently and respectfully. He had photos and drawings to help me understand the procedure. His staff was kind and helpful throughout the visits before and after the procedure. He also helped me to understand the importance of exercise to maintain my results. I am very happy with my results. The scaring, less than a year out, is much better than I expected. I’m very grateful to Dr. Salim for his excellent care, and to his team.

On the recommendation of my Richmond Kaiser Permanente dermatologist, I went to Union City Kaiser Cosmetic Services for laser treatment of spider veins on my nose.  My provider was very knowledgeable about laser efficacy and probable results.  Her confidence made me feel very comfortable.  She successfully treated me in two visits and there was no attempt to up-sell me with additional treatments or different cosmetic services.  The price was reasonable for such services.  I will go back to her when I need my next maintenance “nose job.”

I had a few procedures done in August 2016: ptosis repair, upper and lower bilateral blepharoplasty, ectropion repair and a brow lift. Prior to surgery Dr. Kim took time to review my medical records, ask and answer questions and respond in a timely manner to any concerns that I had. She has the wonderful qualities of being both a highly skilled doctor and a caring physician.  During surgery Dr. Kim made sure I was comfortable throughout the procedures. The surgical care team was both attentive and professional. Follow up care and information was thorough. It did take about 4 weeks before I could fully begin to appreciate the changes, with improved gains still being noticed.

I am very pleased with the results both from a cosmetic and practical viewpoint. Before surgery my lids felt very heavy. I felt that I was losing peripheral vision and was fairly beat after the effort of reading for only 20 minutes. People frequently commented that I looked tired. Now I feel vastly different. I can read for 2 or more hours at a time. The world seems brighter and my peripheral vision is improved. I enjoy seeing my irises again. I feel more youthful and am very pleased with the results and would highly recommend Dr. Kim.

I have had several procedures done over the last ten years, both cosmetic and medical, and I have been very pleased with both the care and the results.  I have had IPL done three times and each treatment got progressively less painful; I don’t know if this because of an improvement in the machine or something else, but I’m happy with that!  The staff involved was careful and kind and cared about my comfort at each visit

I just wanted to let you know that Ms. Haman is wonderful and the whole staff at Park Shadelands is supportive and helpful. My story started a year or so before I attended the Laser class. My dermatologist suggested I contact the Cosmetic Department to see if there was anything they could do to help improve my skin. I was born in Texas (on the Gulf) in 1952 and raised in California, so that should give you an idea of how much I was in the sun.

I started out making an appointment with the esthetician, Denise Eckman.  She was so helpful and we tried a Glycol Acid peel and my face felt great, but still had a lot of damage and brown spots.  She suggested I consult with my dermatologist about the Blu Light treatment, so I did and could get in right away.  It took 3 treatments to see results, and after the treatments Denise suggested I check out the Laser class to find out if it was something I wanted to pursue as a next step. I attended my first laser class in 2012 and Ms. Haman suggested I try the IPL laser treatments and the rest is history. I am very happy with the results of the IPL, but since the damage still crops up, I still go in once a year for treatment and use the products suggested by the staff and Ms. Haman. I just can’t say enough positive things about the staff at Park Shadelands from the Dermatology side to the Cosmetic side.

I have seen nurse Haman for both laser hair removal as well as for broken capillary treatment, each over a period of several years.  I find her to be excellent and thorough, and she has a fine eye for detail.  Her service, care, and knowledge always seems excellent and I have been very pleased with the results achieved.

I have been coming to Cosmetic Services for many years now.  My provider, Dr. Helen Deng knows me and my medical chart very well and her knowledge in Cosmetic Services is why I will only trust Kaiser Permanente.  I have received Botox® injections, fillers and laser hair removal on a regular basis, as well as  brown spot removal.  I feel heard by Dr. Deng and she always understands what results I am looking for.

I feel as cared for as a personal family member by Dr. Deng and her staff whenever I am seen, will only see Kaiser for all and any cosmetic services. You get to see “real doctors” here!

My providers have always been knowledgeable about the latest products, treatments and techniques.  The service providers are professional and also warm and personable. I have consistently received excellent care and recommendations that are best suited for me.   I have received Botox®, fillers, laser treatment (skin tightening, Fraxel®), and facials, and noticed significantly reduced lines and smoother, plumper skin immediately upon completion of the treatments – which have been long lasting.

I have been seeing Suzanne Haman for over 3 years now.  With her guidance and expertise, the rosacea condition on my face has improved tremendously. Suzanne is an expert using the laser, and along with her wonderful assistant, Jennifer, provides me with a level of service I did not receive when I was using another doctor outside of Kaiser Permanente. Five-star care, service and results from this wonderful team!

I visited the Cosmetic Services Department looking for options to treat sun damage on my face. My care provider explained the options available and suggested a plan of care. I had expected that my treatments would require some minor surgery and several visits.  Instead, all that was necessary a little “freezing” of the discolored spots on my face; it was all taken care of during my appointment, in one visit. I am VERY pleased with the results. My provider was very knowledgeable, courteous and professional. I am really impressed with how easy it all was.

Kaiser Permanente’s Cosmetic Services Department in Walnut Creek has been wonderful.  They successfully and safely treated dark spots (from sun exposure) on my face through a combination of both topical and laser treatments.  My esthetician, Cat VanBergen is wonderful and I feel really lucky to have found her.  The professionalism, expertise, and kindness of everyone at Kaiser Cosmetic Services have been a true blessing.

In 2016, I wanted to pursue cosmetic procedures as part of my “Laurie Improvement Program.”  I started by reading everything on the KP Cosmetic Services Department’s website that I was interested in, and chose Lynn Sheredy, RN, as my care provider from her bio and a personal recommendation.  I have been seeing her for one year, and am completely satisfied with her honesty, professional manner, good technique and general knowledge base.  I began with a consultation and liquid nitrogen treatment to remove several seborrheic keratosis (benign lesions) on my scalp, face and calf.  On the next visit and the two thereafter, I had her administer Botox® to my forehead and glabella (area between the eyebrows) to reduce/eliminate wrinkles and lift the eyebrows.  Although I had a headache for a couple of days afterwards, the results from the first two visits were amazing!  I recommended an improved, clearer post-Botox® patient instruction handout, and that’s been done.  At my last visit, I had her use the Candela V-Beam IPL (laser) to target facial redness and discoloration and for the anti-aging effects, and I am VERY happy with the results.  The post-treatment patient instruction sheet was very helpful!

I have been a patient of Dr. Wadhera’s for so many years, I’ve lost track. I use the Walnut Creek Park Shadelands and Union City facilities. I completely trust Dr. Wadhera’s skill and I am always happy with the results. He keeps up on the latest technology and gives me his honest opinion on what is best for me. Dr. Wadhera remembers me and is familiar with any changes on my face. They always take photos before and track my progress. Every 4 to 6 months I get Botox® and Restylane injections on my face. I’ve recently started using Restylane on the back of my hands and the results have been great. When I began getting fillers the “marionette lines” around my mouth were deep.  Now the lines are minimal and I need less Restylane because it promotes collagen growth. It has also made the veins on the back of my hands less prominent, making them look much better.

I have always had Dr. Scott Chiang as my Botox® provider.  He is incredibly personable and knowledgeable and puts your mind at ease if you are worried about the Botox® itself or needles.   He looks you straight in the eye and seems to be so genuine during the somewhat brief appointment.  He also takes the time to ask you how you’ve been in between every 6 month visit.  I have recommended him to all my friends who are Kaiser patients.

Dr Madani’s knowledge, service and care level was excellent, when I had Botox® injection by her.  I love the results, and will go back to see her.  She is wonderful.

I have received laser hair removal treatments from Deirdre Campbell, RN.  Deirdre is very knowledgeable and took the time to answer all my questions about the procedure and after care. Her knowledge combined with a friendly demeanor helped me throughout the process.  I am very happy with my results and look forward to exploring other types of laser services because of Deirdre.  She is always a professional and at the same time a very caring person.

Suzanne Haman and her team are wonderful. She is very professional and well informed. Her office is comfortable and inviting, and her staff work hard to make patients feel safe and well cared for. The laser hair removal is very effective.

A few months ago, I came into your facility and saw Lynn Sheredy, RN., to remove some tags and bumps I had on my upper chest and neck.  I was also concerned about a growth on my outer right ear.  Lynn did an excellent job in getting the tags and bumps removed.  She ended up burning off a cancerous lesion on my ear.  Upon her suggestion, I followed up with my primary doctor.  He said she did a good job.

If I need to return to the KP Cosmetic Services, I will seek out Lynn again.

Skin tags are part of my family heritage.  I am constantly monitoring the tags on my face and back for abnormality and growth. Recently I wanted to remove few of these tags which were getting bigger and came to see Dr. Tuerk, and It was one of the best Kaiser visits I have had in years.  Dr. Tuerk made me feel like I was part of the process of treatment.   She took her time and explained to me the options available to remove the tags and the pros and cons with each option for every skin tone. I have a brown complexion and I learned not all treatment will produce same result. I came out of this visit feeling informed and fully satisfied with the service.

P.S. My brother and my mother in-law are coming to see you.

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