The presence of a double chin is something that bothers many men and women, especially in the age of “selfies.” At Kaiser Permanente, we’re happy to introduce KYBELLA® to metro San Francisco, Sacramento, San Jose, and other Northern California communities through our cosmetic services. After a series of injections, the active ingredient in KYBELLA® goes to work breaking down targeted fat, leaving behind a defined, attractive chin.


Injectable KYBELLA® is an innovative option for reducing the appearance of a double chin, medically referred to as “submental fullness.” The area beneath the chin is especially prone to the accumulation of unwanted fat, resulting in a heavy appearance or a bulge that can be quite resistant to weight loss measures.

KYBELLA® uses an active ingredient called deoxycholic acid to help break down fat where it’s injected. Occurring naturally in the human digestive system, deoxycholic acid is an emulsifier that breaks down fats in the food we eat, making them easier to digest and metabolize. When injected into the skin for aesthetic purposes, KYBELLA® works the same way — by breaking down unwanted fat and making it easier for the body to process.

What Is Treatment Like?

Your KYBELLA® treatment is performed in a Kaiser Permanente office by a trained provider. Your provider begins by cleansing your skin. Depending on your preferences, he or she also may apply a light topical anesthetic to keep you comfortable. Your provider uses a special grid-shaped tool to plan where on your chin he or she will make the injections. This ensures even product coverage and successful, natural-looking results. Each injection lasts for just seconds, and the entire process takes about 30 minutes.

Am I a Candidate?

You’re likely a good candidate for KYBELLA® if you’re an adult who is in generally good health but bothered by the appearance of fat beneath your chin, especially if it doesn’t respond to changes in your diet or exercise habits. In addition, you should have realistic expectations and manageable goals.

Depending on your specific goals, you and your provider may find that you’re better suited to another option, such as facial implants or liposuction. You and your provider will discuss these options and more during your consultation.

What Can I Expect Before and After Treatment?

You don’t need to make any special preparations prior to your appointment. Afterwards, it’s not uncommon to experience soreness, redness, and swelling. The extent of these varies between patients.

Although KYBELLA® begins going to work immediately after injection, it will take several days before results begin to develop. Typically, our practitioners recommend a series of 2 to 4 treatments, spaced several weeks apart, to get the most from your results. Once those results are achieved, they have the potential to last indefinitely, especially if you’re able to maintain a steady weight.

Are There Any Risks?

Your KYBELLA® appointment is a medical procedure, and, as such, there are some risks involved. However, FDA-approved KYBELLA® has been noted for its safety and effectiveness, especially in the hands of the skilled professionals at Kaiser Permanente. Some of the potential risks include nerve damage and temporary facial paralysis, although these effects are rare. More commonly, KYBELLA® can cause redness, swelling, tenderness, and bleeding. These symptoms are typically limited to the injection sites and self-resolve within a few days.

I’m Interested! What’s My Next Step?

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