Cosmetic Surgery

Is Cosmetic Surgery Right for You?

Despite the popularity of cosmetic surgery, Kaiser Permanente physicians agree that the procedures are not appropriate for everyone, and you should weigh the decision carefully. “There’s a lot of psychology involved in cosmetic surgery, and you have to make sure you’re treating the right problem,” says Robert McLaughlin, MD, facial plastic and reconstructive surgeon. “If you are considering surgery, think about your motivations. It’s not appropriate to have surgery to please someone else. Nor is it wise to think that surgery will lead to dramatic life changes, such as a promotion or successful resolution of relationship problems. Realistic expectations, about both the physical and emotional results, are crucial.”

What You Should Expect

The most important thing to remember is that results vary from person to person and depend on many factors, including your age and overall health, your body’s ability to heal, and your follow-up care. Recovery times also vary, depending on the procedure and the individual. Again, realistic expectations are crucial.

Cosmetic Surgery

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