Skin Tags, Moles, Seborrheic Keratosis (SK)

If you have bothersome or unsightly moles or other benign growths on the face and body they may be worth removing.

If you’re interested in removal, many procedures and techniques are available. Moles, SKs and skin tags are frozen, cauterized, or snipped. All these procedures can usually be performed on an outpatient basis. Healing and recovery times vary for each procedure, but they’re relatively quick. The cost of treatment varies depending on the size and depth of the growth, as well as the number of growths to be removed.

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Skin tags are part of my family heritage.  I am constantly monitoring the tags on my face and back for abnormality and growth. Recently I wanted to remove few of these tags which were getting bigger and came to see Dr. Tuerk, and It was one of the best Kaiser visits I have had in years.  Dr. Tuerk made me feel like I was part of the process of treatment.   She took her time and explained to me the options available to remove the tags and the pros and cons with each option for every skin tone. I have a brown complexion and I learned not all treatment will produce same result. I came out of this visit feeling informed and fully satisfied with the service.

P.S. My brother and my mother in-law are coming to see you.

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