G.S. (Campbell)

As Dr. Ngoc Pham reminds me, I get far too much sun exposure for my skin’s good.  Thank goodness, I have her knowledge and expertise as a wonderful provider of services for my skin care needs.  As Head of Dermatology at the KP -Santa Clara, Dr. Pham also makes herself available to patients at the KP Cosmetic Services Dept. (San Jose).  Her friendly demeanor and professionalism make each visit as successful and pleasant as can be.  Her thorough exams frequently involve removal of both benign and pre-cancerous lesions and moles from my face, head and torso.  She always presents a variety of options, recommending those which are least invasive and most cost-effective.  Meeting my individual needs is always her top priority…she’s been great.  I heartily recommend Dr. Pham to anyone needing the best in skin care.

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