C.O. (Union City)

I have been a patient of Dr. Wadhera’s for so many years, I’ve lost track. I use the Walnut Creek Park Shadelands and Union City facilities. I completely trust Dr. Wadhera’s skill and I am always happy with the results. He keeps up on the latest technology and gives me his honest opinion on what is best for me. Dr. Wadhera remembers me and is familiar with any changes on my face. They always take photos before and track my progress. Every 4 to 6 months I get Botox® and Restylane injections on my face. I’ve recently started using Restylane on the back of my hands and the results have been great. When I began getting fillers the “marionette lines” around my mouth were deep.  Now the lines are minimal and I need less Restylane because it promotes collagen growth. It has also made the veins on the back of my hands less prominent, making them look much better.

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