K.M. (South Sacramento)

I was very happy with the two Fraxel® treatments that I had with Deirdre Campbell.    The Fraxel® treatments I had several years ago, at another provider were more expensive and the results were not as dramatic.  Deirdre spends a lot of time with the patient and thoroughly explains the procedure and what to expect in great detail.  She also spent a lot of time prepping the skin with the numbing cream so the procedure was not as irritating.   The treatment itself took longer than other Fraxel® treatments I have had because Deirdre goes over more areas of the skin especially around the eye area.  The Fraxel® treatment at Kaiser Permanente is a very good value based on my experience with other Fraxel® treatments, and I was very happy with the results.  My most recent Fraxel® treatment was over five months ago, and my skin still looks more firm and lifted than it did before.

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