BOTOX® Cosmetic

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BOTOX® Cosmetic has quickly become one of the most popular cosmetic procedures in the United States. The treatments can be done easily-during your lunch hour-with virtually no downtime, and the results can be dramatic. BOTOX® Cosmetic has been used for more than 10 years to reduce facial lines and wrinkles without surgery. If you would like to pursue BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment, a consultation with the providers at Kaiser Permanente Cosmetic Services will provide confidential and personal answers to all your BOTOX® Cosmetic questions.

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About BOTOX® Cosmetic

BOTOX® Cosmetic is a nonsurgical treatment that can minimize dynamic wrinkles, which most often appear as fine lines and wrinkles on the forehead and brow, or at the outer corners of the eyes. Made out of botulinum toxin Type A, which is a naturally occurring protein, BOTOX® Cosmetic relaxes the targeted muscles in the face that create eye and forehead creasing. Because these targeted muscles do not contract, the skin stays smooth and undisturbed, creating a younger-looking, more relaxed face.

What is treatment like?

BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments consist of a series of gentle, small injections into specific facial muscles, typically at the outer corners of your eyes or on your forehead and brow. The treatment takes place in a medical office, usually taking less than 30 minutes to complete, and you will not need anesthesia or medication.

Am I a good candidate?

You're a good candidate for BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments if you aren't ready for a face or brow lift but want to smooth out dynamic wrinkles typically found around your eyes and on your forehead. BOTOX® Cosmetic also works well as an additional treatment if you are receiving other cosmetic procedures such as skin resurfacing.

What can I expect before and after treatment?

Because BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments are performed so quickly, it is easy to squeeze a BOTOX® Cosmetic treatment into your lunch hour or busy schedule. There is no major preparation required before treatment and most people find that they can resume their normal, non-strenuous activities immediately afterward. The smoothing results will slowly begin to emerge a few days after treatment and are typically realized about a week after treatment. The first treatment usually lasts about three months, but subsequent treatments yield longer-lasting results.

Are there any risks?

All medical procedures come with some level of inherent risks. Kaiser Permanente's qualified and trained providers follow standard BOTOX® Cosmetic practices, using only approved BOTOX® Cosmetic serum. Complications are rare. However, some risks include temporary swelling or bruising from the injections, or rarely lid ptosis, which is a sagging of the upper eyelid muscle due to migration of the serum from the injection site. This can be treated with a prescription eyedrop, if it occurs. Even if this happens to you, BOTOX® Cosmetic treatments slowly wear off over time so you probably wouldn't experience any permanent complications.

I'm interested! What's my next step?

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